Repairing The World…

…One Garden at a Time


tikkunolamHelp Eliminate Hunger In Your Community diminishes hunger in America by enabling backyard/community gardeners to share their excess garden produce with neighborhood food pantries.

If your Synagogue or community has a food pantry, please urge it to register today! It’s free.

Click here to download a flier for your synagogue.

At your next wedding, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, briss, simchat bat, confirmation, formal dinner, oneg or other special event, use whole fruit instead of flowers for the centerpieces.

Then find a local food pantry here and donate the remaining whole fruit.

If you are growing more food than you can use, can help you find a local food pantry eager to accept it.

Join the millions of gardeners across the country using to share their bounty with their neighbors in need by clicking here.

Note: If your Hebrew School is studying tzadakah, tikkun-olam or agriculture in Jewish traditions, or if your synagogue is sponsoring a program along these themes, you may want to incorporate the study guide. (If you are looking for a guest speaker, please email

For hungry families in your community, your backyard/synagogue garden may well be their land of milk and honey.

Information about is also available for your Christian and Moslem friends… please share it with them.