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Food Pantry Friday

Welcome to Food Pantry Friday – Every day established food pantries and hunger-relief agencies in cities and towns across the U.S. register for free on  Food Pantry Friday is our way of welcoming those newly registered pantries who are eager to accept and distribute fresh produce to those in need in their local communities – it’s also a way for you learn something new about and how you can help!

Did you know that a food pantry does NOT need to have refrigeration in order to register on registration

You heard us right – a pantry does NOT need to have refrigeration to accept fresh produce donations! Here’s how it works…when a food pantry registers on, they complete a section called “donation times” and can dictate the days/times they would like to receive fresh produce donations from local gardeners. For example, if the food pantry is open on Tuesdays from 10am-12pm – the pantry gets to tell gardeners/growers that they will be accepting fresh produce donations on Tuesdays from 8am-9am. It’s about getting fresh food to the food pantry faster – when a gardener knows your donation times, they can harvest their vegetables and bring them to the pantry during those designated times and the produce is immediately distributed to those in need. In doing so, eliminates the step where produce donations are first taken to a warehouse where it might sit for a day until it gets to the pantry.pantry pic

Please share this information about with your local food pantry – the lack of refrigeration may be the only thing holding them back from registering and now they’ll know, it’s not necessary!

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