Service Opportunity:


Ask a food pantry in your community sign up at It’s free!

Step A

  1. Once you have found a food pantry in your neighborhood, enter their zip code to see if the pantry is listed. If it does appear on, GREAT! Nothing more to do with that pantry. Start looking for another one in your town.
  2. If it does not appear, try to call them to see when they are open.
  3. Print out this flier (Spanish version here) and show it to the food pantry manager. Explain that is a totally free way to enable local growers to share their harvest with the pantry. Also tell them that they do not need extra refrigeration or storage.
  4. Also reassure them that they do not need Internet or a computer at the pantry.
  5. You can also tell them that was created by a CNN Hero
    -It is endorsed by Feeding America and its food banks
    -It is endorsed by all of the major faith organizations
    -It is even promoted by the USDA
  6. Urge then to register as soon as possible. It only takes a minute or so to register. If they have no access to a computer to register, they can use one at the public library or a friends home. Or they can fax back the form you printed for them.
Important Notes
  1. Do not register a food pantry yourself. We only want to include food pantries that want to be listed on
  2. If they have questions, have them look at a PBS’s “Growing A Greener World” episode at It should answer their questions.
  3. Lastly, ask them if they know of another food pantry in the community that you can also reach out to.

When you have completed this task, go to Step B – Bring to the growers in your community.

Helpful Information

Food pantries, possibly called “food shelves”, “food closets”, “food cupboards”, “food shares” or even “food banks” in your community, are neighborhood places where people needing help to feed their family can come to get extra food.

Most food pantries do not get fresh food, only processed and packed food with a significant health and environmental impact.

Food pantries are in nearly every community in America. They can be found in houses of worship, YMCA’s or civic buildings. Of course they may not be easy to find, you may need to call the local house of worship and ask if they have one, maybe ask at your town hall, or possibly call the local United Way office. Ask around.

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