Nationwide Study of Garden Food Waste

Results of a Two Year Study of Garden Food Waste:

    • 11 Billion Lbs. of Garden Produce Becomes Food Waste Annually.

    • Enough To Feed 28 Million 

    • Will Get To 315,000 This Year 

This study documents why our work is so critical and what makes the award winning nationwide solution to fresh food waste that deserves your support. 

$10 helps 10 more gardeners start donating fresh produce.
$18 helps a garden club donate food for the first time
$25 helps a community garden share food with a food pantry.
$50 helps a food pantry start accepting fresh food
$100 helps a soup kitchen get fresh food for nourishing meals

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According to the USDA, 40% of our food worth an estimated $161 billion was never harvested, lost in processing, thrown away in restaurants and homes or ended up rotting in America’s landfills.  According to the Natural Resource Defense Council (NRDC) 2012 and 2017 reports (the latter including, 50% of our produce is never consumed and a more recent report from ReFed has 126 billion pounds of wasted food annually – a financial waste of $218 billion.  Put another way, food loss in America exceeds one third of our defense budget.

WhEagerToDonateat data these and other studies have missed is the food grown… and lost… in millions of home and community gardens.
In 2015 and again in 2016, conducted a study with more than 2,500 gardeners nationwide asking two key questions:  how much more food do you grow than you can use (i.e. is there food waste) and would you be willing to donate the excess to a nearby food pantry if you had the opportunity (i.e. would you turn what might have been wasted food into a charitable donation)?

The results far exceeded what we could have ever expected. The amount of home grown food that is not consumed is large enough to change the calculated national food waste totals.  On the bright side, the number of gardeners willing and able to donate produce could change the national statistics on hunger in America.


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Home/Community Garden Food Waste White Paper Graphs Infographic Consolidated Report’s goal is to ultimately eliminate 11.4 billion pounds of food waste generated by over 42 million gardeners’ in backyards all over America. Everything does to achieve this big idea also advances two additional goals: first, reducing hunger and malnutrition, and healing the planet by reducing greenhouse gasses. Read the Case Statement to learn more about’s solution and results.


Special thank you to  Christopher Reberger, Global Economics and Research Practice Cisco Consulting Services (Cisco Systems) for the data analysis and oversight he provided and to report authors Dr. Selena Ahmed and Dr. Carmen Byker Shanks, Montana State University Food and Health Lab faculty for analyzing the data and generating the report.