Centerpieces for Pantries

Flowers for someone special, a dinner or an event
wilt and are soon thrown away.

What a waste.

Here is a better idea:

A floral arrangement is eye candy for a day or so and then it starts to wilt. So does an opportunity.

Instead, buy whole fruit from a farmers market or supermarket and turn it into a beautiful centerpiece for the table. Or you can purchase an edible arrangement of uncut, unpierced (no tooth picks) food.

Either way, it will be beautiful and have a lovely fragrance.

Then bring it to a local food pantry the next day and turn your table centerpiece into nutritious food for the less fortunate in your community.

It is good for your neighbors in need and good for the environment. It will save you money too!

Let your centerpiece grace your table one day and feed a family the next.

If you think this is as good an idea as we do, please make a tax deductible donation to with the the money you’ve saved by not buying expensive flowers.

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Instead of a floral arrangement in the center of your special dinner, use a whole fruit edible arrangement. Then share the leftover fruit with a local food pantry.


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Your food can bless two tables.