Informing the Gardener

Millions of gardeners all across America grow more produce than they can actually use – losing the rest of waste. Many would be more than happy to share their bounty with a local food pantry if they knew they could.

To help connect the extra food in the gardens to the neighborhood food pantry requires that the gardener be informed about We do the rest.

Please print out this flyer (if your printer can do two sided printing, it’ll save paper) and take it to your local

  • garden shop
  • nursery
  • lawn and garden section of Walmart/Home Depot/Lowes/Sears etc.
  • hardware store

…and ask the manager to post it near the cashier or in another conspicuous location

You might also want to put up a copy on the public bulletin board in your

  • library
  • supermarket
  • house of worship
  • health club

Lastly, please encourage your friends and family across America to do the same. Every gardener who learns about brings us one step closer to diminishing hunger in America.