Service Opportunity:

Reduce Hunger and Malnourishment In Your Community AND Help The Environment – In Only One Day

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Two Problems:
  • Food Pantries*, Nationwide, Especially Those With HIV/AIDS Clients, Desperately Need Fresh Food
  • Wasted Excess Garden Produce Is Bad For The Environment.
One Solution:
  • Enables Millions of Growers Nationwide To Donate Excess Garden Produce To A Local Food Pantry.

Spend a few hours just once and help eliminate hunger and malnutrition in your community while improving the environment. It’s as simple as A B C:

Ask a food pantry in your community sign up at It’s free!

Bring to the growers in your community.

Contact your friends nationwide and tell them what you did – and ask them to do it too.

Donate excess garden produce from your garden to a nearby food pantry.

8,249 plus food pantries nationwide use to help nourish their community. We need your help to get more food pantries in your community get more fresh food.

* In your part of America, a food pantry may be referred to as a food shelf, food closet, food cupboard or even a food bank