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3 Tips for a Food Waste Free Thanksgiving

October 25, 2018

Thinking about Thanksgiving preparations? Want to make sure its food waste free? Don’t stress! We have a few tips to help make your big dinner a success.

Include Seasonal Veggies

EcoCentric’s Seasonal Food Guide is a great meal planning companion. Gardeners know that seasonal food is fresher, tastier and more nutritious than food consumed out of season. Plus, eating seasonally is good for the environment and supports the local economy. If you’re curious about how to cook new veggies, you can find plenty of recipes for even the most obscure local and seasonal produce in EcoCentric’s Real Food Right Now series.

Plan to Have Just the Right Amount of Food

Save the Food has released a new tool just in time for Thanksgiving dinner shopping: The Guest-imator—A Dinner Party Calculator That Estimates How Much Food You Need to Keep your Guests Full and Happy (but not more…). It’s a great way to make sure less food is wasted. According to Save the Food, “Wasting food wastes everything: Water, emissions, labor, money, and even love.” So before you shop, check out the calculator and the 30-second video about it.

Share with Your Neighbor

Flowers for a holiday table wilt and are soon thrown away. What a waste.

Here’s a better idea:

  1. Buy whole fruit and turn it into a beautiful centerpiece for your table.
  2. Then turn your table centerpiece into nutritious food for the less fortunate by bringing it to a local food pantry the next day.

Let your Thanksgiving centerpiece grace your table one day and feed a family the next.

Read more about our Centerpieces for Food Pantries campaign at

Have a wonderful holiday!


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