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Make a Donation

Want a unique event centerpiece? Use whole fruits and vegetables!

Let the centerpiece grace your table one day and feed a family the next.

Create a beautiful centerpiece of whole fruit and vegetables.

Fresh fruit and vegetables are beautiful and fragrant, making them the perfect building blocks for a unique event centerpiece. Kids can help out, too, by picking and adding fruit and vegetables. It also might be a fun way to introduce “exotic” food such as kiwi, eggplant, and papaya. We’ve got you covered with budget-friendly DIY step-by-step directions available from The Prudent Garden.

DIY centerpiece
Woman smiling while holding a leafy vegetable

Once the event is over, visit the link below to find a food pantry in your neighborhood, eager for your donation.

It’s important to remember that food pantries can only accept whole food. If the food is cut, carved or pierced with tooth picks, they will not be accepted by most food pantries.

Find a Pantry

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