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The environmental impact of food waste

Stopping food waste helps stop global warming!

Carbon footprint

The waste of food leaves a serious scar on the environment. The carbon footprint of global food wastage is so large, that if food waste were a country, it would be the third largest emitting country in the world. Food that is never consumed makes climate change worse according to The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). It wastes the water used to grow or manufacture the food and wastes the fuel that was used to transport it. Even food packaging adds to the waste stream.

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How can you help?

If you have too much fresh food, donate it to your local food pantry. works with 8,989 food pantries that would love to have fresh produce on their shelves. You’ll be helping the environment, and feeding hungry families.

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What we've accomplished so far with the help of people like you:

  • Mother and child filling a fruit basket
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      We've nourished food insecure families in more than 4,000 communities across all 50 states.

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      We've enabled 8,989 food pantries to receive and distribute food that would have otherwise been lost to waste.

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      We've created the opportunity for 61 million (up from 42 million in the pre-COVID19 world) gardeners to donate their 11 billion pounds of excess food for years.

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      As an added bonus, the average distance food travels from harvest to dinner table is only nine miles!

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