(Help Getting Started)
Only non-profit food pantries and similar agencies that distribute food for free may register.

Part 1-Food pantry information
Required Information
Password must be at least 7 characters long
  The Street Address field should contain ONLY the address - no P.O. Box numbers, no floor numbers, etc.

All words should be spelled out. AmpleHarvest.org uses Google Maps to help gardeners locate your pantry. If Google Maps does not recognize your address, it will not process properly. If you are in doubt, go to https://maps.google.com/ and enter your pantry street address followed by your zip code (i.e. 123 Main Street 10024). If Google Maps shows your location properly, enter it into AmpleHarvest.org. Otherwise try testing a variation of your address.

For example, if 10 2nd Ave does not work, try 10 Second Ave instead.

Pantry Street Address Only. No PO Box or floor number.
Pantry number - not your home number.
Optional Information
Use a pantry email, not personal one if possible. This is for donors to contact you as well as occasional communications from AmpleHarvest.org. Contact [email protected] to change/remove the email address at any time.
  Important/helpful information is periodically sent from AmpleHarvest.org to all registered food pantries. You have a choice of receiving it by email (if you entered an email address), fax (if you entered a fax number) or both. *IF you do not make a selection, the system will default to BOTH".

        Uploading a photograph of your food pantry is a great way to help gardeners find your pantry building when they come to make a delivery. The photogograph must be a .jpg file no larger than 1000 X 1000 pixels.

If you are unable to upload it, email it to [email protected] (include your zip code and pantry name) and we'll take care of it for you.

Suggestion: Accept donations before pantry clients arrive.
        You can use this to tell more about your pantry.

You may also want to list store bought items your pantry needs - just in case it is not a harvest season... or the donor does not garden at all. The AmpleHarvest iPhone app enables people to find your food pantry even when they are shopping in a store. Tell 'em what you need!

Be sure that you keep this information up to date. This is the best way to keep your community informed about your pantry's particular needs.

Part 2-This information is for internal use only and is is not shared with growers.
Please enter your Federal Tax Id (EIN) if you know it.

AmpleHarvest.org is available to all food pantries and similar agencies regardless of affiliation with Feeding America or a Feeding America food bank.
If your food pantry is affiliated with a Feeding America food bank, please select it from the list. If your food bank is not listed, or if you are unaffiliated, or if you don't know, please select 'None

If your food pantry is affiliated with or based in a house of worship, please slect the faith community. This information is not provided to gardeners/donors and is only used by AmpleHarvest.org internally. Providing the information is optional but would be appreciated.

Did your food pantry received fresh produce from local growers (home growers, community gardens, church gardens, CSA's, farmers markets, etc) in the past year?

Please enter pounds only. If you do not have an accurate recording, please enter your best guess.

Does your food pantry have internet access? This may be helpful to us to help you provide donation information to AmpleHarvest.org later on. Internet access at your food pantry is NOT required to register it on AmpleHarvest.org.
Part 3-Required last step.
What is this? In an effort to help insure that the information entered into the AmpleHarvest.org data system was entered by a pantry manager (i.e. a human and not a computer "bot"), we ask that you check the box above.