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Celebrate National Food Day by Helping Out Your Community! helps make healthy food available to those with least access to it.

Imagine if you could reduce obesity and diet related diseases by promoting healthy diets, support sustainable local growing, expand access to food and end hunger, protect the environment, promote children's health by providing free access to locally grown fresh produce, and do it all at no cost to the donor.

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With, you can!

Here's how you can help in your own community:

  • baskets of assorted vegetables
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      Contribute to

      Your donation to, a 501(c)(3) charity, or emailing us about foundation/corporate funding you are aware of would be greatly appreciated. Your donations help us recover more food by registering more food pantries and reaching more gardeners.

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      Help register your local food pantry

      Find the food pantry in your community, possibly in a nearby house of worship, a YMCA or other civic location. Let them know they don’t need extra refrigeration and that is totally FREE!.

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      Spread the word

      Post your efforts on social media and tag! Or you can print our flier and post it in local garden shops, nurseries, supermarket bulletin boards, etc. to help gardeners learn about the opportunity to help the hungry.

      Download Flier
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      Donate food!

      If you, or someone you know, has a garden, any amount of food donated would make a difference.

Join the millions of people across the country using to share their bounty with their neighbors in need

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