Food Waste in America – An Efficient Solution to Food Waste

Its Time To Save The Food

America throws away half of the fresh food it grows. A waste of billions of pounds of food.

You’ve heard the expressions “Save The Food” or “Food Waste?” What’s that all about?

According to the USDA, 40% of our food worth an estimated $161 billion was never harvested, lost in processing, thrown away in restaurants and homes or ended up rotting in America’s landfills and according to the Natural Resource Defense Council (NRDC) 2012 and 2017 reports, 50% of our produce is never consumed.  Meanwhile, millions of Americans are not sure where their next meal is coming from. These two related issues can be solved simultaneously with your help!

Disparities in food distribution and availability mean that many communities and neighborhoods have very limited access to fresh affordable food. And many of those with an abundance of food choose to toss it rather than donate it.  An excellent look at this issue is available in the Huffington Post  article by Steven Finn, Lauren Goldberg and Gary Oppenheimer.

Grapefruits not lost to waste - Safe The Food at work

Grapefruits not lost to waste

Another form of food waste comes from produce discarded by millions of backyard gardeners (estimated to be more than 11 billion pounds according to analysis by Cisco Systems) due to their gardens producing far more fruits and vegetables than they could possibly use, preserve or give to friends and neighbors. It is not uncommon for tomato plants to bear 20 to 40 or more fruit each. Many other crops (like peppers, cucumbers, squash, citrus, apples, and peaches, etc.) also produce abundant harvests.

There is a much better use for that extra of food! can help America recover half of that – enough to feed almost 14 million people per year – food that is locally grown and freshly harvested.  Food that used to be wasted and can instead help hungry families in the community. makes you a part of the solution to food insecurity and food waste in America by helping you donate it to one of 8,598 local food pantries that have joined with They need your help

  • Donate fresh produce to a food pantry near you. Find one here.
  • Grow excess garden produce to help alleviate hunger.
  • Make a generous tax deductible donation to as we increase our reach.

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