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Gardeners in the Spotlight: Lorri and Bob

December 29, 2023
Jamie McCarthy

In Area-Santee, CA., Lorri and Bob found out that receiving fresh vegetables and fruit is a bonus most don’t expect at the food pantry. When gardeners donate their surplus harvests, we love to see it.

Check out our interview with Lorri and Bob. We hope it inspires you to grow to give too!

What is your name, what type of garden do you have (rural, suburban, urban, community) and where are you gardening at?

Lorri and Bob. We enjoy gardening together, but Bob has really become the expert on gardening. Type of garden- suburban, in our back yard. Area-Santee, CA.

How did you get into gardening?

We got into gardening a few years back, with just a small strip of our backyard. The next year we added a few more plants. When COVID hit and we both furloughed from our job we had lot’s of free time on our hands. And thought since we home and let’s really expand our garden and our gardening skills. It was a fun activity that the whole family can take part in. And food you have grown, just taste a little better.

What advice would you give someone thinking about starting a garden?

Start small, maybe two or three items. I suggest looking at local nursery’s and sign up for the classes they have, the free ones. These are a wonderful way to learn about how to grow different things. And a reputable place doesn’t try to just sell you a lot of unnecessary things. There are also many YouTube videos. And don’t get discouraged. If something fails, try again. It happens to all of us.

Lorri and Bob’s backyard garden

What is your favorite part of gardening?

It is just such a great feeling when your plants start growing and you can pick the fruits or vegetables of your labor.

What is your favorite thing to grow?

Tomatoes. We use them to make sauces, add to salads, grill them, add to soups, top with hummus. So many ways to use them.

Why do you think donating your surplus harvest is important?

Food banks serve such a wonderful service to the community. And folks so appreciate the items they get, but receiving fresh vegetables and fruit is a bonus most don’t expect.

Has inspired you to donate your surplus harvest? If so, how? and if not, what can we do to improve?

So yes for sure inspired us because we hadn’t even thought of doing this. The organization made us aware donations are wanted by food banks.

I’m grateful for my garden because…

I know how our fruits and vegetable are grown and have safe for other’s to enjoy.

You too can donate your surplus harvests. Join and help inspire other gardeners to grow!

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