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Gifts of Gathering: Create a Thanksgiving Centerpiece that’s Meaningful

November 12, 2021
Canned food and fresh fruit arranged as a centerpiece
Tina Whitlow

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. A day filled with family, food, and fun – what’s not to love! While a feast will fill up your belly, there’s nothing like a gathering of loved ones to fill up your heart with renewed gratitude and appreciation.

This year can be a great year to start a new holiday tradition. You can show gratitude and appreciation with your Thanksgiving centerpiece. Yep, you heard that right! Instead of using flowers that will wilt and get tossed, ask your guests to bring fresh and canned goods. Have everyone pitch in and create a festive Thanksgiving centerpiece for the table.

Thanksgiving Centerpiece Inspiration

I chose to display cans of sweet peas and boxes of pasta surrounded by fresh fruit. Green apples, bright oranges, and golden pears provide festive pops of color. It’s a great way to start the conversation about hunger and food waste. For example, did you know that in the US we throw away a pound of food per person per day?! Even though there is more than enough food available, one out of six Americans still goes hungry. But your centerpiece can help give hungry families much-needed nutritious boost this holiday.

One quick note- it’s important to remember that food pantries can only accept whole food. If fruit or vegetables are cut, carved, or pierced with toothpicks, they will not be accepted by most food pantries.

After dinner, head on over to Type in your zip code and choose a food pantry near you. Each pantry lists drop-off days and times. Pick one that works with your schedule and take the food from your Thanksgiving centerpiece to the pantry. That’s it!

Give the Gift of Meals and Memories

By donating to your local food bank, you give the gift of meals and memories. Families struggling with hunger will thank you!

Bonus points: If you are on Instagram, tag your edible arrangements with #ampleharvest and tag us @ampleharvest to help inspire others to do that same! Happy Holidays!

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