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Help a Pantry Register

You can help alleviate hunger and improve the health of your community - RIGHT NOW! Anyone in America can help end food waste and hunger by enabling gardeners to donate fresh produce to a local food pantry. While we of course accept donations, you don’t have to have a lot of money to help us make a difference!

Why is it important that pantries register?

If no local food pantries are listed on when a gardener is ready to share their garden bounty, fresh produce that could have diminished hunger in the community will likely be left to rot in the garden instead — it doesn’t have to be that way!

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How do I get started in my community?

Call the local houses of worship, social services agencies, and local food bank in your community (see for information on the food bank nearest to you). Ask your county or state Health or Social Services agencies for information about food pantries in your neighborhood and find out their hours. Then, visit with a copy of the Food Pantry Information printout and encourage them to register on
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Why should food pantries join

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      It's free.

      Registering a pantry is and always will be a free service.

    2. 02

      Get fresh food faster.

      Gardeners bring produce in on the day/time the pantry chooses, eliminating the need for refrigeration.

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      Help people in need have healthier options

      Eating fresh food lowers the chance of diet related illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity.

    2. 04

      It's good for the environment.

      Locally sourced food comes without packaging and is not trucked across the country. Plus, more donated produce means less in landfills and less wasted energy, water, and transport.

What happens next?

Once registered, will strengthen the pantry’s internet presence — enabling them to receive more produce and store bought donations from their local community.

Help a Pantry Register

Give this flier to the food pantry manager next time you go

Tell them that you know how difficult it is to meet the increasing needs of hungry families like yours in your community. Tell them that gardeners in your area can help! They often grow more fruit, vegetables, herbs and nuts than they can use and are happy to share some with your food pantry – if only they could find it!

Download Flier

Don’t know where the nearest food pantry is?

Find a Food Pantry

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