iCorps and You : Working Together To End Hunger and Food Waste

iCorps – ending hunger and food waste across America

iCorps has partnered with a nationwide nonprofit called AmpleHarvest.org to end hunger and food waste across America as part of a special program called iCrops.  When you contribute to AmpleHarvest.org, you create a tech based sustainable and recurring opportunity for millions of gardeners to share their harvest with neighborhood food pantries. Help put fresh food in the homes of hungry Americans.

Mike Hadley, President & CEO of iCorps Technologies

“We are very excited to announce the launch of iCrops,” said Mike Hadley, President & CEO of iCorps Technologies. “Since the beginning, iCorps has been focused on empowering our community, from businesses to innovators to individuals. The fact that we are able to diversify our initiatives, and through this partnership facilitate nationwide change, has been an incredibly meaningful experience. No family should have to struggle to put food on their table. If we can play a small role in closing that gap, why wouldn’t we?”

$10 helps 10 more gardeners start donating fresh produce.
$18 helps a garden club donate food for the first time
$25 helps a community garden share food with a food pantry.
$50 (most popular) helps a pantry start accepting fresh food
$100 helps a soup kitchen get fresh food for nourishing meals
$770 helps an entire community of gardeners connect with a pantry

  • Donate by check
  • If you’d like to make your donation in honor of or in memory of someone special, make your contribution and then email the details to [email protected].

AmpleHarvest.org, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization
(EIN #27-2433274).

What Makes Supporting AmpleHarvest.org Unique

You can donate to a food drive for an “eat once” contribution of a can or box food, or you can contribute to AmpleHarvest.org to create a sustainable and recurring opportunity for local growers to share their harvest with neighborhood food pantries. The impact of your donation is greatly magnified because it helps feeds hungry families for many years to come.

While our message has been that gardeners can help their neighbors in need by reaching into their backyard, you can help AmpleHarvest.org by reaching into your back pocket.

Personal donations, corporate grants, trusts and endowments all enable AmpleHarvest.org to diminish hunger, improve nutrition and help the environment.

Any contribution, large or small will help AmpleHarvest.org enable local growers to diminish hunger across America.

In addition to supporting AmpleHarvest.org, you can help diminish hunger in your community by finding a local food pantry and giving this flier to them. Any food pantry not listed on AmpleHarvest.org represents local food lost to the community.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move Campaign encouraged everyone to eat healthy food. Author Michael Pollan’s Food Rules encourages people to eat “mostly plants”. TV personality Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution urges people to “eat well”. For one out of six Americans however, healthy eating is beyond their means.

Your contribution however, enables fresh garden produce to get to millions of people in communities across America.

Today, AmpleHarvest.org  enables 8,960 food pantries (and growing) across all 50 states to become “visible” to local gardeners eager to share their excess garden bounty with the needy in their community.

Your generous gift helps many more gardeners donate food to more food pantries in thousands of communities across the United States. Growers nationwide are taking the AmpleHarvest.org “no food left behind” pledge. Help make sure there is a place for them to take that extra food to.

Thank you.

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AmpleHarvest.org, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization (EIN #27-2433274).