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Reduce Food Waste, Hunger and Malnourishment In Your Community AND Help The Environment – In Only One Day

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Spend a few hours just once and help eliminate hunger and malnutrition in your community while improving the environment. It’s as simple as A B C:

Ask a food pantry in your community sign up at It’s free!

Do it!

Bring to the growers in your community.

Do it!

Contact your friends nationwide and tell them what you did – and ask them to do it too.

Do it!

Donate excess garden produce from your garden to a nearby food pantry.

Do it!


Step D

Helpful Information:

Are you a home gardener? A farmer? Someone who grows herbs on a kitchen window? Do you grow more than you can use, preserve or give to friends? Share it.

But first, we need your help. You now understand the impact has on hunger, nutrition and the environment in your community. We are working hard to do the same in communities across America. A generous tax deductible contribution to, large or small will help to reduce hunger, food waste, obesity, diabetes, hypertension, etc. while enabling millions of Americans to help their neighbors in need. Please help us by contributing to today.


Follow These Steps:
    1. When you harvest more than you can use, find a food pantry near you that desperately needs help. Enter your zip code here to find a nearby food pantry. Then simply take the excess food there. You’ll be able to do it for years to come.
    2. At your next special event such as a wedding, Christening, Baptism, Confirmation, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, formal dinner or other special event, use fruit instead of flowers for the centerpieces. Then find a local food pantry here and donate the remaining whole fruit.
    3. If a friend is moving to a new home, encourage them to donate the remaining unopened (and unexpired) boxes, jars and cans of food in the kitchen to a local food pantry… it is easier than packing and shipping it.
    4. If you have any questions about donating food from your garden, we’ve probably answered it in our FAQ … check it out.


Important Notes


    1. As you make new friends, tell them about too. Your network keeps growing. So does
    1. When you have completed this task, take hold of what you’ve done!
    You’ve make a lasting change in the health of your community and America. By helping to connect local growers to the food pantries serving the needy in your community, more people will get access to healthy food, less processed food will be shipped into the community, children will get a chance to learn about healthy eating and you will be the hero to all those who hate wasted food, can’t feed their family or just want a healthy America.


    We do have one more step….


Tell us how it went. Send an email to [email protected] and let us know your thoughts on this program. We’d love to hear from you.

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