School Gardens

Small hands can make a big difference!

You can make an impact on hunger in your community while teaching children valuable lessons about nature, food security and their community! School Gardens can be a wonderful way to empower children to make a positive difference for their neighborhood. is a non-profit organization that helps to connect gardeners with food pantries in their community. We help to increase the amount of fresh produce that is donated to food pantries, nationwide. This decreases hunger while improving health for millions of Americans.

How Can Schools Help?

School gardens are popping up across the country. A garden is a wonderful tool for teaching students valuable lessons about the natural world and about where their food comes from.

These goals can be taken one step further to include inspiring students to perform a valuable community service! School gardens can help decrease hunger in their community by growing and donating fresh produce to a local food pantry.

Click here to find a food pantry in your area.  You can find their hours of operation and learn about what kinds of donations they need the most. Your students can grow and harvest fresh food donations to drop off at your local pantry. These will be distributed to families in need.

Does your school have a food pantry? 

The easiest place to donate food from your school garden is the pantry right at your school! You will be helping families at that school and directly impacting your community.

You can help other gardeners donate to your school’s pantry. Encourage your pantry leaders to get listed on our Food Pantry Registry. It’s a free and easy way to get found by people who want to donate. It’s a great way to increase fresh food donations at your school.

Register your school food pantry here!

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