America's Solution to Food Waste and Hunger

All that we do and believe in is to solve hunger and malnutrition by eliminating the root cause: the waste of fresh food.

We do this by way of an elegant yet simple solution – combining the growers passion to not waste food and our technology, to enable billions of pounds of excess food to reach thousands of food pantries that nourish millions of families nationwide.

Our solution is to educate and then enable local gardeners to donate that food.

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Two Problems

1. Food wasted because gardeners harvest more than they can use. It could feed 28 million people.
2. Food pantries nationwide desperately need that fresh food.  They feed 50 million people.

One Solution helps 42 million home and community gardeners end food waste and hunger by educating and enabling them to donate their excess garden produce to one of 8,015 nearby food pantries across America.

What We Do

We enable you to eliminate food waste, hunger and malnutrition in your own community.

When you donate garden produce that you can’t use, preserve or share with friends, you are ending the waste of healthy fresh food – the very food that is so desperately needed by food pantries nourishing hungry families in your community.

The days of “Jars, cans, boxes – no fresh food” are over.

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Food Pantries

Register for free so local gardeners with a surplus harvest can find you.


Find a local food pantry for your garden surplus.

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Find a nearby food pantry or an emergency food assistance organization here.


Contribute to our critical and award winning program.
Help us end food waste that could feed 28 million Americans.

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You can donate fresh produce to your local food pantry!

  • Donate excess produce from your garden.
  • Donate fresh produce from your local super market.
  • Click here to find a food pantry near you.

Urge a food pantry to register at

  • Find the food pantry in your community.
  • Then give them this flyer and urge them to register.
  • Hint: – tell them no extra refrigeration is needed and that is totally FREE!.

Help others learn about

  • Put this article in your blog or newsletter.
  • Ask your local media to visit this page and do a story about people in the community wanting fresh produce for their families from the local food pantry.
    Help promote “No Food Left Behind”.
Learn more at

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