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CNN Heroes – on CNN’s Larry King Live

Food pantry in Iowa receiving garden food

Surplus backyard goods help families in need – KIVI TV (ID)


“Police Department Farm to Table ” – Denver 7/ABC News

“ Connects Food Pantries to Neighborhood Gardens ” – KCET TV on “A Girl and a Garden” – DFZ Radio

Rep. Jam McGovern mentioning in a speech of on the floor of the House of Representatives. (3/13/2013)

Points of Light Awards Ceremony. (10/11/13)


Mrs. Green’s World (NY) – Internet Radio


iEat Green (NY) – Internet Radio

DYI World Improvement Tadio (NJ) – Internet Radio

Heratige Radio Nwtwork (NY) – Interview March 2013


PBS – Growing A Greener World

WHIZ TV (OH) – and the National Day of Service

WBOY TV (WV) – Helping Reduce Food Waste

WQOW TV (WI) – Local food bank uses website to feed fresh produce to those in need

CNN Heroes – – A Gardeners Gift

CNN Heroes – Founder Gary Oppenheimer on CNN

WCBS TV (NY) – New Web Site Offers Harvest Of Hope For People In Need

WEAR – ABC TV (FL) – Gardeners who grow fruit and vegetables at home can share their extra crops with people in need.

NBC San Deigo (CA) – at the Stay CLASSY Awards ceremonyCNN – From Your Garden To Their Table


WRAL (NC) – Website helps produce donations


KUSA – NBC (CO) – Feeding The Hungry From Your Back Yard

CNN Headline News with Robin Meade Video


KFYR – NBC TV (ND) – Fresh Produce for Food Pantries

CNN – Live interview with Ali Velshi

Reality Radio Interview – Holly Hirshberg/Dinner and Gary Oppenheimer/

The Creation Care Radio Hour (MD)- Discussion of (starts at 25:20)

The Creation Care Radio Hour (MD)- Discussion of (edited version)


ABC 7 TV (FL)- “Suncoast pantry plans to grow food” – (Video no longer online)

ABC 7 TV (FL)- “WCPO TV – (OH) – Attn. Gardeners! Produce Needed At Food Pantries” – (Video no longer online)


FOX9 (MN) – Gardeners Share Crop with the Needy – (Video no longer online)

ABC 7 TV (FL)- “Radio Sandy Springs (GA)- Kate Copsey:America’s Home Grown Veggies” – (Audio no longer online)

ABC 7 TV (FL)- “Radio Sandy Springs (GA)- Kate Copsey:America’s Home Grown Veggies” – (Audio no longer online)

On the Net

White House web site – “Let’s Move Faith and Communities inspires fresh produce for 4100 food pantries” – “ – Changing The Way We Eat”

UC Food Observer – “ Connects Gardeners With Those In Need”

Mike the Gardener – “How Home Vegetable Gardeners Can Donate Their Excess Harvest Through”

One Green Planet: works to fight hunger and reduce food waste with one brilliant model”

Specialty Food Association – “Q&A: Gary Oppenheimer, Founder,”

National Council of Churches – “Q&A: Food Waste, Food Sharing: Gary Oppenheimer” – “Gardeners Turn Food Waste Into Food Plenty”

US Dept. of Commerce – “Commerce in the Community: increases access to healthy foods through innovation, technology and local partnerships” – “ Helps Backyard Gardeners Fight Hunger” podcast – “Mike talks with Gary Oppenheimer of” – “#GivingTuesday 2013: A Hunger Advocate’s Guide”

Huffington Post – “Dinner Centerpieces: Let it Grace Your Table One Day And Feed Another Family the Next”

The Blog Hunter – “”

Jamie Olvier’s Food Revolution – “America’s Untapped Food And Nutrition Resoruce”

No Sweat, York! – “ York County pantries ready for produce”

Natural Awakenings – “AmpleHarvestorg Helps Gardeners Share Excess Produce with Neighbors in Need”

Shawna Coronado – “Donate Extra Garden Vegetables To Your Local Food Pantry”

Super Mom – No Cape: – National Day of Service”

National Foundation to End Senior Hunger: No Food Left Behind: Senior Growers Ending Senior Hunger “

Rainy Day Gardening: Got extra garden produce? Help feed the hungry! “ – “Day 5: Sharing the Harvest with Others” – “No Food Left Behind”

Grace Communications Foundation – “ Founder Gary Oppenheimer Aims to Reduce Food Waste and Hunger” (Interview)

Grace Communications Foundation – “Our Hero: Gary Oppenheimer of” (Podcast)

EatDrinkBetter – “Celebrate Summer by Sharing Your Harvest”

Nonprofits Do Good – “Staving Off Hunger One Garden at a Time”

Facing Hunger in America – “No Food Left Behind”

Food For Thought – “”

Huffington Post – “HuffPost’s Greatest Person Of The Day: Gary Oppenheimer, Founder Of”

Say Yes! Change Things. – Chaning The Way We Eat/a>

Richmond Food Collective – Plan now for an Ample Harvest

TABLE FOR TWO USA – “ – Connecting Hungry Americans with Home Gardeners”

Seedstock – “From Backyard Garden to Local Food Pantry, Facilitates Delivery of Excess Produce to Those in Need”

TLC/Home – “Too Much Garden Bounty? Donate Extra Veggies to Your Local Food Pantry”

Presbyterian Church (USA) Blog: – “Is your harvest ample enough for low income people, too?”

365 Days of Courage – “Day 108 Simple And Powerful Sharing”

EatingRules – “An Ample Harvest”

Blue Cheene Nation – “Innovative Community Solutions That Fight Hunger”

GardenGreenAngles – “Share an Ample Harvest Wherever You Are”

OnEarth – “Sharing the Harvest on World Food Day”

Mother Earth News – “There’s an App for That!”

White House web site – “ founder Gary Oppenheimer at White House meeting”

Debra Walsh (NY) – “ – Do You Have Extra Vegetables To Share?”

Burpee Home Gardens – “Sharing The Bounty”

Sweet Organge – “Coming Together in Honor of 9-11: Sharing Your Garden Surplus” – “CNN Hero Brings Garden Bounty to Local Food Pantries” – “Connecting Local Gardeners with Local Food Pantries”

Growing a Greener World (PBS ) – “Sharing the Bounty”

Growing a Greener World (PBS ) – “Sharing the Bounty”

The Brave Discussion (Australian blog) – “Home Gardeners Feed the Hungery”

EcuLink – “ channels garden surplus to food pantries”

Bucks County Taste – “Share The Bounty”


EcuLink (Audio Version – MP3) – “ channels garden surplus to food pantries”

Secret Gardening – “Volunteering at a community garden is ripe with benefits”

Blogcritics – “What do I do with all this squash?”

Green Frieda – “Your Big Harvest Can Help the Hungry”

Mother Nature Network – “ makes it easy to share your garden surplus with neighbors in need”

the Good People Fund – “Of Androids and Good People”

Meet the Experts – “Meet The Experts- CNN Hero Gary Oppenheimer”

Latine Lista – “Home gardeners and food pantries partner together to bring food to the hungry” – “Plan Your Give Back Garden during National Garden Month”

York County Food Bank – “The Growing Season Kicks Off”

NAEIS – “ Connects Food Pantries
with Fresh Produce “ – “Garden Musings from Memphis Area Master Gardeners”

National Council of Churches – “ channels garden surplus to local food pantries in all fifty states”

Evoorganic – “Harvest Much, Donate Today”

Grow and Share – “Gardens Growing” – “CNN Hero Gary Oppenheimer Attacks Hunger in America with (part 1)” – “CNN Hero Gary Oppenheimer Attacks Hunger in America with (part 2)”

LAist – “Garden Plotting: For Your Martha Stewart Recipes and the Local Food Pantry Alike”


Information Central – “Overwhelmed with vegetables? Feed the hungry”

the playa wire – “’s Accomplishments in 2010”

Canpus Kitchens Project – “ Connects Food Providers, Campus Kitchens with Fresh Produce”

Metro DC Lawn and Garden Blog – “Share Your Bounty – Help Feed the Needy – Make a Difference” – “Garden Harvest: Saving and sharing your bounty”

the playa wire – “ Focuses on Gulf States Region” Blog – “CNN features Gary Oppenheimer, one farmer helping the hungry”

Healthy Child Healthy World Blog – “Do One Thing: Share the Bounty of Your Garden (Or Encourage Others To)” Huffington Post – “CNN Hero: Gary Oppenheimer Gathers Excess Produce for Food Pantries”

Green and Clean Mon – “Harvesting Hope Not Hunger”

Stark Bros – “Ample Harvest”

Green Talk- “Local Food Pantries Need your Over Abundant Harvest”

Huffington Post – “Breadline USA Part III”

Idaho Food Bank – “Ample Harvest”

The Soil Sisters – “Cause An Effect: Share The Harvest!”

Harlem Fresh Foot Sumit – “GARDENERS: Got way more produce than you can handle? Donate!”

Harlem Fresh Foot Sumit – “ResearchBuzz – “Directory of Food Pantries”

The Good Garden – “Ample Harvest”

Macaroni Kid – “Feeding the Heart and Sole of America”

The Hunger Forum – “Food Banks/Pantries” (CO) – “From Farm to Table: Feeding the hungry from your backyard”

The Hunger Forum – “The Basic Principles of Economics”

USDA Coperative Extension site for Master Gardeners – “ Gardeners Diminishing Hunger in America”

The Pittsburgh Garden Experiment – “How-to use up any excess from your garden!”

The Sacred Bee – “What to do with your Ample Harvest”

Front Porch Coffee Talk – “Connecting green thumbs with food pantries”

Going Local – “Website Helps You Share Your Harvest with Local Food Pantries”

aaacoms – “Neighbors Helping Neighbors”

Green Frieda – “Your Big Harvest Can Help The Hungry”

Suite – “ Hits Milestone with 2,000 Food Pantries Listed”

The Persuit of Harpyness – “Calling All Gardeners”

Dig for Texas – “Gardens Hungry Texans Can Bank On”

Suite101*.com – “Vegetable Gardeners Can Help End Hunger with Food Donations”

SustainableTraditions – – Gardeners Feeding the Hungry

UCONN Home and Garden Center – …Speaking of vegetables

Straight From The Heart –

Bergen LEADS – The Power of One – The Story

Shakesville – Teaspoons

LA Times – “Getting food to people who need it” – How to Donate Your Ample Harvest”

Planet Green (Discovery Company) – “Too Much Garden Bounty? Donate Extra Veggies to Your Local Food Pantry”

MyAtlantaMommy blog – “”

Hush – “Share your Garden Goodies at”

Stoddart Avenue Community Garden Blog – “Ample Harvest Website Can Link Gardeners With Food Pantries.”

Sharing Natures Garden – Blog – “Too many veggies to eat? Share the love.”

Current.TV – Gardeners Sharing Their Harvest With Food Pantries using” – Using nature’s bounty to feed the hungry “ – Sharing The Bounty” – Website Helps You Share Your Harvest with Local Food Pantries”

Healthy Helper – Are You Growing a Garden This Year?”

Hometown Pasadena – “A Home for Your Homegrown Produce” – “When your Crop Runnith Over”

Socyberty – “An Ample Food Suply for All”

City Farmer News – “Ample Harvest shares leftover garden produce”

AppShopper – “AmpleHarvest”

MacMost – “iPhone Apps Directory: AmpleHarvest”

The Good People fund – “What’s in Your Backyad Garden?”

The Good People fund – “Harvesting Apps”

Food forward Blog – “Congrats to CNN Hero Gary at”

indoor and outdoor gardening in montana (blog) – “Seedlings and Seed list ( discussed)”

CNET – “AmpleHarvest 1.0” – “A Little Bit More: Eliminating Waste in Our Gardens and Yards “

Grit – “Find a Food Bank for Your Extra Produce “

Eco News Network – Uses Green – “Living Methods Reducing Hunger”

Cornell – “” – “Stepping Out of Yourself and Into Humanity”

The Nourishing Kitchen Of New York City joins nationwide campaign to link local gardens with community food programs – “Home Grown Vegetables Can Help Feed Needy”

Suite101 – “Home Grown Vegetables Can Help Feed Needy”

American Feast -” Ample Harvest Enables America’s Backyard Gardeners to Help the Hungry”

Begining Farmers – “Sharing your extra produce with those in need”

Hopelink and Ample Harvest a great parternship!”

Alef: The NEXT Conservation? “An Ample Harvest”

What do you do with an Ample Harvest? An Interview with Gary Oppenheimer

Feed the Hungry – “Don’t Toss Those Veggies!” – “ is the Way for Gardeners to Give”

Planet Green (Discovery Company) – “Ample Harvest’s iPhone App Matches Up Gardeners With Their Hungry Neighbors”

American Feast’s Sustainable Food Blog

Begining Farmers – “Sharing your extra produce with those in need”


the Good People fund – “What’s in Your Backyad Garden?”

the Good People fund – “Harvesting Apps”

Seven Oaks – Ample Harvest

New England Grass Roots Environment Fund – Master Gardeners vs. Hunger in America

National Catholic Rural Life Bulletin

United Church of Christ

Sisters Online (on Earth / Food Supply page)

Second Harvest Heartland

The Thrifty Mama

Vegetable Gardening Blog

The Casual Gardener Blog

Stoddart Avenue Community Garden Blog – Ample Harvest Website Can Link Gardeners With Food Pantries.

The Accidental Gardener

The Madville Times – Connects Gardeners and Food Pantries

[email protected] – Surplus Food to Those In Need

Get Inspired Project

Frogs and Ravens –

Garden Writers of America on Linkedin

The New American Dream

Atlanta Gardening Examiner

Bread For The City

Star News Online – CONSCIENCE: Web site can bring veggies to food banks and pantries (no longer online)

Scratchback Blog – “Ample Harvest”(no longer online)

Dry Bones Dance – “Good people doing good things (with hardly any money)(no longer online)”

Print and Electronic Publications

Santa Monica Daily Press – “Food Waste: Ugly fruits and vegetables and”

Mother Earth News – “ Connects Gardeners With Local Food Pantries”

Bergen Record / Herald News (NJ) – “Lunch With … Gary Oppenheimer – Hunger Fighter”

Philadelphia Inquirer (PA) – “Helping Gardeners find food banks”

Star Ledger (NJ) – “Passaic County man receives award of $25K for program to feed the hungry”

Colorado Nursery & Greenhouse Association (CO) – “Bountiful Harvests”

Readers Digest (US) – “6 Food Charities That Make It Fun to Give Back”

Suburban Trends (NJ) – “West Milford group brings philanthropy to the backyard”

Eccosphere – “ Helps Backyard Gardeners Fight Hunger”

Organic Connections (US) – “Using Technology and Excess Produce to Solve Hunger”

Forbes (US) – “ named finalist in Points of Light Civic Accelerator competition.”

Observer (NY) – “Web site links gardeners to food pantries”

The Bellingam Herald (WA) – “Fight against hunger with your own backyard garden”

Folk magazine (US) – “Sharing your Harvest this Season”

Arett Sales – “People are hungry in America – Your garden shop can help”

The Flat Hat (VA) – “Alumna honored as CNN Hero”

Scripps Howard News Service (US)- “The Gardener Within: Sharing the bounty”

Boston Globe (MA)- “Linking backyard farmers to needy food pantries”

AIM Newspaper (NJ) – “West Milford based Ample Harvest is finalist for “Oscar-like” charity award”

Suburban Trends (NJ) – “West Milford’s own Ample Harvest up for nationally-recognized award”

Pascack Valley Community Life (NJ) – “Giving fresh produce to help neighbors in need”

Herald News Media (AL) – “Ample Harvest” – sharing excess garden production with those in need

New Jersey Star Ledger (NJ) – “Harvesting Hope” (scanned – 6.3 mb)

Argus-Press (MI) – “Hunger Network backs national effort”

San Antonio American-Statesman (TX) – “Gardens’ bountiful harvests can feed the community”

San Francisco Chronicle (CA) – “Good Produce to Spare? Donate to Alameda County Food Bank”

Glouster Township Patch (NJ) – “Donate Backyard Garden Surplus to Local Pantry”

New Jersey Municipalities Magazine (NJ) – “Connecting Home Gardeners with Area Food Pantries”

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (PA) – “Share the harvest”

VFW News and Events – “ Joins With Backyard Farmers to Fight Hunger.”

Times Daily (FL/AL) – “Organization links food pantries with gardeners”

New Jersey Star Ledger (NJ) – “Harvesting Hope” online version without some photos

San Diego Jewish Journal (CA) – “The Fairy GOODmother”

The Journal Gazette (IN) – “Area food banks ready to accept gardeners’ bounty”

AIM West Milford (NJ) – “West Milford’s Ample Harvest to aid oil-spill ravaged Gulf Region”

Valley Independent Sentinel (CT) – “Site Connects Pantries, Fresh Food”

Dallas Farmers Market Examiner (TX) – “AmpleHarvest announces new iPhone app “

Trendhunter Magazine (national)- Charitable iPhone Apps – Ample Harvest Fills Real Life Pantries”

Indiana’s Food For The Hungry (IN) – “Ask The Expert”

The Roanoke Times (VA) – “Share the Spare to benefit food pantry”

Bergen Record (NJ) – “Generous Gardeners add 211 and iPhone app contacts”

TCPalm (FL) – “Monday Chat: Treasure Coast Food Bank’s new leader wants to promote ‘Ample Harvest,’ a community garden program”

Suburban Trends (NJ) – “Food pantry directory made mobile”

Daily American (PA) – “Gardeners Urged To Share Food”

Greensburg Daily News (IN) – “Local Gardeners Can Help Food Pantry With Harvest”

Pascack Valley (NJ) – “Gardeners and food pantries connect”

Fort Wayne News Sentinel (TX)) – “iPhone app connects growers, food pantries “

New Brunswick Home News Tribune (NJ) – “The Spirit of Thanks and Giving”

The News Sentinel (IN) – “Web site a resource for food pantries – Gardener created site to help others find places to donate their harvests.” – “Your Opportunity To Share Your Garden Bounty With Neighbors In Need”

Rodale (US) – “World Food Day: Your Backyard Garden Can Help End Hunger”

The West Milford Messenger (NJ) – “Ample Harvest – West Milford’s award-winning cornucopia”

Bergen Record (NJ) – “Food pantries to reap bounty of excess harvest” (1.4 mb)

Bangor Daily News (ME) – “Pantry hopes gardeners will share extra produce”

Aim West Milford (NJ) – “Local gardeners fight hunger with AmpleHarvest ”

Greenwood Today (SC) – “Food Bank Joins Campaign to Link Local Gardeners with Food Pantries”

Dallas Farmers Market Examiner (TX) – “AmpleHarvest helps home gardeners feed communities”

Santa Cruz Sentinel (CA) – “AmpleHarvest connects backyard farmers with local food pantries”

Bergen Record Editorial (NJ) – “No Picnic”

Pittsburgh Post Gazette (PA) – “Local Flavor: Community goodwill is found amoung fruit”

Association of Arizona Food Banks (AZ) – (press release)

Suburban Trends (NJ) – Community gardens’ cornucopia to be shared with nation’s hungry

Brandenton Herald (FL) – “Hope Center: Homegrown end to hunger”

Sentinel (NJ) – “Spotswood food pantry seeking gardeners’ help”

WHIG (IL) – “Madonna House joins Ample Harvest food campaign”

Belleview News Democrat (MO)- “Area food pantries experience ‘skyrocketing’ demand for goods”

Rotary International (US)- “Food for Thought –”

Op-Ed piece (NJ) – “Sharing backyard bounty to fight hunger”(1.3 mb)

Star News (NC) – CONSCIENCE: Web site can bring veggies to food banks and pantries

The Seattle Times (WA) – “Hopelink opens new food bank designed like a grocery store”

West Milford Messenger (NJ) – “ connecting hungry with local food assistance”

Courier News (NJ) – “Local Food Pantry Hopes to Link with Local Gardners to Feed the Hundry”

FreshPlaza: Global Fresh Produce and Banana News- “US: National Gardening Association partners with”

Suburban Trends (NJ)- “Ample Harvest to get award “

Southwest Virginia Today (VA)- “US: Food bank search engine”

Vero Beach Press-Journal (FL)- “Garden Tips: Sometimes it takes just a garden to help a village”

Star Current (MN)- “Help others with homegrown produce”

Southwest Advance (MI)- “Family Network relocates, continues fight against hunger”

TriCounty Leader (TX)- “Troup pantry looks to share garden harvest”

The Day (CT) – “Soup kitchen joins national gardening effort”

PR- USA – “ Focus of Public Television’s: Growing A Greener World”

PR- USA – “ Announces “Centerpieces for Pantries” Initiative”

PR- USA – “ Announced as Winner of the Glynwood “2011 Wave of the Future? Award”

PR- USA – “ Named Top 25 Finalist in the Third Annual “Stay Classy” Philanthropic Awards Competition”

PR- USA – “ Marks Its Two Year Anniversary”

PR- USA – “ Announces Special Outreach in Tornado Ravaged Alabama”

PR- USA – “ Announces Android App for”

PR- USA – “ Announces Partnership with the National Council of Churches”

PR- USA – “Infinity Insurance and Launch Virtual Food Drive”

PR- USA – “ Announces iPhone App for”

PR- USA – “ Site Now Helps the Hungry Find United Way 2-1-1 Resources”

PR- USA – “ Focuses Efforts On Gulf States Region”

PR- USA – “ Helping More Than 1,000 Food Pantries in 150 Days”

PR- USA – “New website enables loval food pantries to get freshly picked produce from local backyard gardener’s”

PR- USA – “National Gardening Association Partners with Enabling Local Food Pantries to Get Fresh Produce”

Aim West Milford (NJ) – “Community Garden Surplus To Go To The Needy” (no longer online)

Business Week (NY) – “iPhone app connects growers, food pantries (no longer online)”

The Salt Lake Tribune (UT) – “Pantries accepting garden produce (no longer online)”

Charlotte Observer (NC) – “Student donates produce to ministry (no longer online)”

The Detroit News (MI)- “Good Stuff – One Good Program (no longer online)”

News Herald (NC) – (local announcement) (no longer online) – “Food pantries to reap bounty of excess harvest (no longer online)”

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