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Make Every Day, Earth Day

April 22, 2015

You might be deeply concerned about the environment – especially the waste stream and global warming.

Or you might be very concerned about the waste of food or in America.

Wouldn’t it be great if working to solve one also helped to solve the other?

While one out of every six Americans do not have enough food to feed their families, more than 42 million American backyard gardeners grow food in home gardens, often more than they can use, preserve to give to friends.

Some let the excess rot in the garden, some compost it and some simply throw it in the trash. This waste is bad for the health of America and it’s bad for the health of the planet.

The EPA now considers wasted food a major environmental problem. Excess produce thrown into the garbage not only adds to our waste stream problems, it also releases methane into the atmosphere … a global warming gas with twenty times the impact of CO2. educates, encourages and enables America’s gardeners to find a local food pantry eager for their excess harvest. The donated bounty not only helps to diminish hunger in the community, it also reduces the waste stream, the carbon footprint of the food distributed by the pantry as well as methane emissions from trash dumps.

Your support of helps the people and the planet.
How often do you come across a solution for two separate problems?

Join the millions of gardeners across the country using to share their bounty with their neighbors in need by clicking here. helps you make every day, Earth Day.

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