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What is Giving Tuesday?

After the biggest shopping weekend of the year, millions of Americans celebrate Giving Tuesday—a day for families and communities to come together and give back and help those in need. A lot of charities are asking for your support on this day. Here’s why we think you should give back by giving to helping to those with diabetes is helping people with diabetes and other diet related diseases.

The Problem 

50 million of our neighbors across America suffer from childhood obesity, Type II diabetes and other ailments caused by malnutrition. Or they are simply hungry. They rely on a nearby food pantry and don’t have the access to the fresh produce that many people take for granted. Without access to fresh produce, America’s health will continue to decline.

The Solution

Every dollar you donate to helps nourish 100 people. Yes – it is that easy.
Your support of our work says you believe that:

  • Fresh food we already have in our communities should find its way to those with least access to it instead of just rotting in the garden
  • Food pantries should be offering locally grown produce instead of processed food where possible
  • Families across America should have access to the healthiest food they desire.

Garden food is fresh, free, and already in the community.

You can turn America’s food waste into food wealth.

$10 helps 10 more gardeners start donating fresh produce.
$18 helps a garden club donate food for the first time
$25 helps a community garden share food with a food pantry.
$50 (most popular) helps a pantry start accepting fresh food
$100 helps a soup kitchen get fresh food for nourishing meals
$770 helps an entire community of gardeners connect with a pantry, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization
(EIN #27-2433274).

The solution to hunger is in America’s backyards. fresh food donations appreciated encourages fresh food donations to food pantries.

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