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North Forty Farmerettes

March 22, 2017
group of women posing with vegetable harvest
North Forty Farmerettes

Having Fun Growing Food for two Food Pantries in Oregon

North Forty Farmerettes reached out to let us know about the amazing things they are doing in Oregon, and how has helped them connect with food pantries. Here’s a letter we received from Cathy B.


I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how appreciative our group is to have found a local food pantry through your organization.  We began the spring with plans to grow for SCAT, the St. Matthew Lutheran Church food pantry in Beaverton, Oregon and created a 4000 square foot completely organic veggie garden.  About a month ago we realized we were outgrowing what this pantry was able to take, and needed a second outlet for our food.  Through your website we were connected with the Willowbrook Food Pantry in Sherwood, Oregon and now have established a wonderful relationship with them as well.

We’ve pulled together a group of about a dozen women friends who meet on the farm 3 times per week to tend the garden and harvest.  As of today, we’ve grown 732 pounds of organic goodies for the two pantries, as well as taken in over 300 pounds of pears from a tree in the pasture.  We also make small floral arrangements for the pantry patrons, which have been a wonderfully received.

We have a Facebook page, NORTH FORTY FARMERETTES, that chronicles the growth of the garden and the joy it is bringing to all of us “farmers”.  We named our group after the Land Girl Farmerettes from both WWI and WWII who took to the fields when the men went off to war, in order to feed a hungry nation.

Your organization is doing great things, and we salute you in your quest to lessen the amount of food that is wasted and get it into the hands of those who need it most.  Just wanted to say thank you, and keep up the good work.


Cathy B., North Forty Farmerette

See more great photos of their garden on their facebook page here.

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