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Top 5 Food Blog Posts from

Top 5 Food Blog Posts from

Based on your favorites and ours, we’ve put together at list of the top 5 food blog posts from the blog.  We’ve got gardening tips, food waste and food recovery stories, and since everyone seems to like them so much, we’ve even got some top 10 lists on our list!

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#5. “Here’s Why People Experiencing Homelessness Are Eating a Better Breakfast Than You Are” by John Murphy of Miriam’s Kitchen. One of the nation’s greatest hunger-relief agency respects the dignity of their clients by serving fresh food prepared by highly trained chefs.


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#4. “Top 5 Tips for Reducing Food Waste at Home” by Emily Fulmer of While most of the world’s food waste happens somewhere between the farm and point of sale, each of us can do our part to reduce food waste at home to help stem the flow.


Starting plants from seed provides a greater variety than can be found growing at the garden center


#3. “Starting Plants from Seed” by Joe Lamp’l of Growing a Greener World TV Joe Lamp’l is the Host and Executive Producer of the award winning PBS television series Growing A Greener World, and a member of the Board of Directors


All the pantries registered at

#2. “Top 10 Reasons Why Every Food Pantry Should Be Registered at” by Leanne Mazurick of It may not be as clever as a David Letterman top-ten list, but here’s a top-ten list as to why every food pantry in the United States should be registered on and how YOU can help!

Nat's tomatos

#1 “Balcony Gardening with a 10 Umbrella Battalion” by Natalia G. You don‘t have to have a lot of space to grow an incredible garden.  This guest blogger shows us how it’s done with a little creativity and a 10 umbrella battalion.



Do you have a favorite blog post that didn’t make the list?  Tell us what YOU like to read and we’ll give you more of that next time on the blog.

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