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Volunteer to End Hunger

August 25, 2015

We hear from people all across the country who want to volunteer with and help end hunger in their community. People are awesome!

Here is a list of ideas for volunteering with Let us know if you’d like to do or if you have any questions. We have only a small staff, but a BIG mission. That’s why we rely on and truly appreciate the help of our volunteers and financial supporters. So, thank you!

  1. Help us find a food pantry in your area— has an online searchable database of food pantries that are ready and able to accept fresh produce donations.  We are trying to get every food pantry in America registered so that every gardener EVERYWHERE can find a food pantry when they have excess produce to share.  We need your help to find them! Ask around town, call your friends, check the phone book and find a food pantry or two (or three!).  Then see if they are already registered with us by searching at  If they are NOT there, you can give them a call, or head over there with this flyer  to let them know about us. Tell them it’s totally FREE for them to register and it will help gardeners find them so they can start receiving fresh food donations.
  2. Help us reach gardeners in your area— there are 42 million home and community gardeners in the US and we want every one of them to know that should stop throwing out their extra harvest and should donate it to a food pantry. You can help us reach the gardeners in your area by printing out this flyer and posting it around your town—at your Walmart garden center, at garden stores and on community bulletin boards.
  3. Have a special skill you’d like to share with Are you really great at social media? Like writing Op-Ed pieces for your local paper? Are you a graphic designer? If you have a special talent and are willing to donate your time, we’d love to hear about it!
  4. If you want to get into a garden and help harvest vegetables for a food pantry, we suggest you try to find a community garden near you. You can use this site to find one: then reach out and ask if you can help. Tell them about and find out if they are donating their extra food somewhere.
  5. And, even though this is not something directly related to’s work…you may like to volunteer at a food pantry. Just search to locate one near you and give them a call to see what they need.  Tell them you found them on
  6. Have a different idea? Let us know what excites and interests you and we can find something for you! Email me at [email protected]

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