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A Day Without Women

On this International Women’s Day, some reflections on the important contributions of women in and to the work of By Gary Oppenheimer, Founder and Executive Director Today is International Women’s Day! And on this day, we want to acknowledge the value of women in our society […]

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Seventh Birthday

Celebrating our Seventh Birthday in the Company of Good Friends and Supporters by Gary Oppenheimer, Founder and Executive Director Seven Already? Today we are celebrating’s seventh birthday! We’ve come a long way, baby, with the help of many friends and supporters. The idea behind was […]

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March 9, 2009. Not Your Typical Day By Gary Oppenheimer Two dates stand out. Today, March 9 and September 10. Looking back nine years on my calendar to those two dates, I see “Community Garden Meeting” in September and “Spin Class” in March. I clearly remember going to […]

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Déjà Vu All Over Again – – Déjà Vu All Over Again In 2008, I had an overly prolific garden. As it turns out, 80% of us do and collectively, we harvest 5 billion pounds (worth $9 billion) more than we can use, but that’s a story for another day. Back to […]

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Feds Feed Families. Again

Feds Feed Families. Again. Most of us encounter food drives at our house of worship, school, place of employment or even at a community event. We go to a store to buy something or reach into the kitchen cupboard to get something already bought – and then […]

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Black History Month 2015

Black History Month Becomes Personal by Gary Oppenheimer I’m a child of the 60’s. The Vietnam War, women’s rights, civil rights, hippies, rock and roll – the list goes on and on. In my family, my mother actively worked with the Yonkers Fair Housing committee to help […]

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“ – Also Helping People Get Fed.” By Gary Oppenheimer People like to think of as “that website that connects gardeners to food pantries” and they are right because that what we’ve been telling them for more than 5 years. However, that perspective is as simplistic […]

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Food Waste – A Missed Opportunity Part 2

Food Waste – A Missed Opportunity – Part II Note: you can read Part I of this topic here. “Finish what’s on your plate – kids are starving in Europe.” That’s what I heard over and over again as a child, it’s what helped inspire the creation […]

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Feds Feed Families and

Feds Feed Families Food Drive Imagine you own a company – a few dozen employees or maybe tens of thousands spread across America. Like you, they are generous in supporting charities important to them, and if your company is anything like Google or Citrix, your company will […]

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Happy 5th Birthday!

Happy Birthday To Us Like a flash of light, suddenly appeared five years ago. It wasn’t a long drawn out plan and implementation type of thing. The idea was the result of food waste, hunger, the existence of the Internet and $9 that I didn’t want […]

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